Charter Oak Cheerleading


our cheer teams are 'non-affiliated' to any governing conference, and is managed by its own board. for more info, please email

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Charter Oak Midgets
Charter Oak PeeWees
Cheer Clinics
JAMZ Nationals
Charter Oak Mascots
Charter Oak Cheer Coaches 2017
Palms & Pyramids Competition
JAMZ Nationals 2005
Charter Oak Midgets

Program Director: Rebecca Burke
Program President: Fernie Oliva
Program Vice President: Flavio Gonzalez
Program Treasurer: Arsham Karpuzyan
Assistant Program Director: Danielle Clemetson

Head Coach: Courtney Clark
Head Coach: Danielle Clemetson
Head Coach: Neynna Karpuzyan
Head Coach: Monique Lazaro
Head Coach: Yasmine Quintero

For information, on-site registration or signup appointment, 

please call 626-603-3007 or email us at 

If you or someone you know would like to become a COYFC Staff Member, please click on the button below to apply, or email for more information. We are always looking for fresh faces with a passion for cheerleading.

Charter Oak Youth Football & Cheer

Phone: (626) 603-3007



Covina, California